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Blue Planet RocksBlue Planet Rocks
Blue Planet Rocks

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About Blue Planet

Why Choose
Blue Planet Rocks?

Blue Planet with natural and artificial stones for many years
take into account any type of projects.

  • Wide range of Stones.

  • High Quality Stones.

  • Qualified Team.

About More
Blue Planet Rocks
Blue Planet Rocks

Blue Planet is a quality driven company and that is the reason behind the ever increasing demand for our manufactured granites. Our granites and marbles come in exclusive colors and provide the finest look to both the interiors and exteriors.

Blue Planet prides in the fact that a team of highly qualified professionals reside at all levels of the organization that work endlessly to manufacture products that stand apart in terms of quality. We strive to win the confidence and trust of our valued clients by assessing their present and future needs and delivering the right products through a carefully visualized plan.

  • Blue Planet Rocks

    Our Self

    Blue Planet is confident in its ability to provide each customer individually with reliable and excellent service. We are unwavering in our commitment to offer our products at the best possible price to every customer. We believe it is customers who drive the business and we strive to provide quality products to retain them.

  • Blue Planet Rocks

    Our Mission

    We are devoted to delivering finest quality products to our customers and creating an epitome of quality. We constantly work at streamlining our logistics to improve efficiency, reduce costs and expedite order processing. With continuous innovation, we aim to be a leader in the industry by providing excellent quality products and services. We value our customers and are devoted to being ever-responsive to their needs at every corner of the world. Our team of professionals with their extensive experience and market knowledge are committed to executing prestigious projects in a timely manner

  • Blue Planet Rocks

    Quality Assurance Policy

    Always evolve as a socially responsible company committed to achieving a high level of quality in its products and services, developing internal and external relationships and working according to its values with transparency and ethics.

  • Blue Planet Rocks


    We work heavily in the international market, currently importing from multiple origins With quality and experience in importing slabs.

Blue Planet Rocks

Stone Types



Blue Planet Natural Hard Rocks are Granites.



Blue Planet Natural Limestone transform.



Blue Planet Natural better stain resistance.



Blue Planet Natural Compressive Strength.

Why We Love Blue Planet ?

Benefits for
our Every Customer

Our commitment and dedication to customers is always keep us Premium Stones Provider.

  • Unique and Beautiful Stones.

  • Easy Maintenance.

  • Heat and Scratch Resistant.

  • Long-Lasting Stones.

  • Export Quality.

  • Smooth Finish.

Blue Planet Rocks
Blue Planet Rocks
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